Stanford in the Vale with Goosey and Hatford

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Getting married is one of the most important and exciting steps in your life.  If you choose to be

married in church, then you are seeking God’s blessing on your relationship and we will do

everything we can to help you prepare for your special day in addition to enjoying the rest of your

lives together.


Legally we can usually marry you if either of you lives in Stanford in the Vale, Goosey or Hatford.  If

you don’t live here, but at least one of you has very strong links with the villages and/or the

churches then we might still be able to marry you through a ‘Qualifying Connection’.  The Church of

England’s laws on marriage are reasonably flexible and we would be happy to discuss whatever

options are available to you.

The Bible teaches us that marriage is intended to be between one man and a woman for life. However, we understand that some relationships break down and become painfully beyond repair. If you have been divorced and your previous partner is still living, we would still want to discuss whether you can be married in church. There are some restrictions on remarriage after divorce and it is not always possible for us to marry everyone, but whatever the details of your situation are we hope that we can be as helpful and supportive as possible, so please do make contact.




There is a lot to prepare before any wedding. The service itself takes some planning and we will assist you with everything that needs to be done from selecting music and readings, rehearsing the ceremony, who to ask about flowers and the order of service.  We like to offer a couple of meetings to talk through the service with you, and to offer some informal preparation for marriage.


There are various fees that we have to charge for any wedding in the church, plus others for optional extras such as having the bells rung.  These fees are amended each year by the Church of England and the fees for 2019 are currently:



  • Banns read in church (Publication)  -  £31
  • Banns certificate  -  £15
  • Wedding service & marriage certificate  -  £464
  • Verger - £50
  • Organist - £80


  • Bells rung before or after the service  -  £135
  • Bells rung before & after the service  -  £225


If you would like to discuss getting married in St Denys church (or All Saints Goosey, or St George,


Hatford*) then please contact the Vicar on 01367 710267, or email


*Weddings at St George, Hatford, are only possible via an Archbishop’s Special Licence, for which an


additional Fee is payable. The Vicar can advise.

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